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Keeping your doors open during a pandemic is incredibly difficult. There are many different things you need to consider, from physical protective measures to limiting employee and customer interactions. If you run a care home, dictating guest, resident and caretaker interactions can complicate this even further.

LTC Infection Control Consultants is here to help you. We're headquartered in Port Richey, Florida and serving the whole state of Florida and other states as needed. Our mission is to help you stay safe while staying open. You can count on our consultant for guidance on a variety of safety measures, including the use of protective gear.

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Why you should choose our consultant

You want to make sure you choose a qualified consultant to guide you through the COVID-19 pandemic or any other infectious disease. Our consultant has an extensive amount of experience, including:

31 years as a registered nurse
8 years as a surgical nurse
Deployment through the department of health on COVID-19 missions
DEMPS (Disaster Emergency Medical Personal) Certification
Several years working with the disaster emergency medical personnel system
Additionally, we're fully licensed and insured. With a history of medical service and a drive to serve and protect others, our consultant is glad to help you. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about the consulting process.

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About Elizabeth

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Who we can help

With her extensive background, our lead consultant can provide advice for a range of organizations. She can help:



Group homes

ALS care facilities

Long-term care facilities

Our consultant can help you tackle the unique challenges presented by these different facilities. With a strong pandemic plan, you can help keep your facility safe and reduce the spread of illness. Contact us now if you're interested in working with our consultant.


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